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What To Look For When Choosing A Broker

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Today I’m going to talk about what to look for in a broker, the difference between some of the brokers that are integrated with AnjayToTrade, and maybe help you decide which one is best for you.

Today, I’m gonna talk about the three top most recommended forex broker and why you would choose one over the other. Again, we’re not recommending any particular broker, these are ones that we have relationships with and work great with AnjayToTrade.

First off is Interactive Brokers.

This is a great choice if you’re in the US or especially if you’re located outside the US. It’s called Interactive Brokers, they’re a pretty much international broker. Again, check their webpage to see if they’re offered in your country.

But, most countries, you can get an account with Interactive Brokers and they’re a great broker. Great execution, great speed, low commissions, and they’re also great for short selling.

Out of the three brokers I’m gonna mention today, if you’re focused on short selling, be sure to check out Interactive Brokers. Now, one of the drawbacks, just full disclosure, Interactive Brokers does have a higher account minimum than the other two brokers I’m gonna talk about, so be sure, if you’re interested in short selling, if you’re interested in international trading, check them out, but be sure you look at the account balance minimum to open an account.

Next is Etrade.

You know, it’s pretty wild to be talking about Etrade all these years later. Think about the Etrade baby, the dot com boom. You’ve all heard of Etrade, I’m sure. I had an Etrade account back in the late 90’s.

I think everybody did during the dot com boom, but I put Etrade in the middle of the three brokers I talk about, because probably the best all around broker. They don’t have a terribly high minimum to open an account, they have pretty low commissions, they’re okay for short selling, they have decent borrows on stocks you’re looking to short.

Not as good as Interactive Brokers, but not bad. And it really is, I think if you had to have one brokerage account, Etrade is probably it. So, great if you want to do a little bit of shorting, great if you can afford a little bit a higher minimum, and you want, again, good executions.

The Last is Tredier

An exciting quiver, or an exciting arrow to put in your quiver, the last broker that we have full integration with is Tradier. These will all be linked below. You can check them out, but the great thing about Tradier is with your AnjayToTrade subscription, you get unlimited trades for $15 a month.

And why that is so exciting, is if you’re just getting started and you’ve got a small account, commissions can really eat up a lot of your profits, especially if you’re looking to grow that account and looking to learn.

If you’re learning, trying different strategies, you’re maybe trading a little more than you normally would and commissions can really catch up with you if you’ve got that small account.

Great thing about Tradier, no matter how much you trade a month, with AnjayToTrade, it’s $15 a month flat rate. That’s exciting. Also, Tradier has a very, very low minimum to open an account. One of the lowest in the industry’s.

So, I really think if you’re advanced, Interactive Brokers is a great option.
If you’re looking to short sell or more, check them out. All around, Etrade, excellent option.
But, particularly if you’re new, new trader, small account trader, learning to grow, learning to refine, be sure to check out Tradier. Great low minimum and unlimited commissions.

That’s almost unheard in this day.

Thank you for reading our articles. We really wanna help you learn, grow, and evolve, and become a consistently profitable trader. We’re proud of the tools we’ve built in AnjayToTrade, and wanna help you maximize your success.

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